Southern Technical University discusses a master’s thesis on experimental and theoretical analysis of solar water heater performance in the presence of a phase variable substance

MSc thesis on “Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of Solar Water Heater Performance in the Present of Variable Phase Material” was discussed at Basra Engineering Technical College of Southern Technical University.

The study submitted by Zahra Aboud Abd elaali showed that the performance of the solar water heater system in a realistic environment (Basra City, Iraq, as an example) highlighted the construction of a solar thermal storage tank (TES) integrated with variable phase material (PCM) ) to produce hot water with solar energy. The study also showed that the use of multiple variables had an impact on the performance of the solar water heater.

The results showed that the best performance of TES system using FPSC and PCM with increasing flow rate, HTF outlet temperature of FPSC, lowering time.

FPSC efficiency increases with the thickness of the absorbent plate (3%) and the inner diameter (11%) and length of the tube. Also, increasing the HTF inlet temperature, the amount of PCM, and the volume of water in the tank increase the temperature of the stored water and therefore the thermal storage energy of the TES tank