The road to success

Success begins with a step, a river with a drop, and a book with a letter, so walk slowly on the path to success in our university

Gain knowledge

Education is the acquisition of the intellectual knowledge to be what we ought to be. Your education at the Technical University is your path to success

Draw your future

Prosper your future during your studies at the Technical University in order to succeed and achieve your goals and aspirations

Gain experience

Acquiring academic and research experience in the field of study at the Southern Technical University and integrating with a new culture

Applying Conditions

  1. Study documents certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the student’s country and the Iraqi embassy or cultural attaché in that country.
  2. A passport valid for no less than two years from the date of its initial acceptance.
  3. For the morning study, the age of the applicant should not exceed 24 years for the applicant for diploma or bachelor degree, and not more than 45 years for the applicant for higher diploma or master degree.
  4. Research plan (research proposal) (for higher studies).
  5. Recommendations of two (2) professors in the same specialty (for higher studies).
  6. Identification documents.
  7. Any other documents required by the university.
  8. A non-conviction document and a health certificate issued by his country.
  9. A written undertaking under which he undertakes to abide by the laws, regulations, instructions, and controls in Iraq.

Important Dates:

  1. Start of Application: Wednesday, 15/3/2023
  2. Start of online interviews: Saturday, 15/4/2023
  3. End of online interviews: Monday, 15/5/2023
  4. Announcement of admission results: Tuesday 20/6/2023
  5. Important note: The admission and residence procedures begin before the start of the official working hours 1/9/2023, and the scholarships cover the fees for studying and accommodation at the university.

Study Programs:

  1. Higher Diploma Programs
  2. Diploma Programs
  3. Bachelor Programs
  4. Master’s Programs