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About the center

The Electronic Computer Center seeks to advance and reach the forefront position among Iraqi universities by providing the best information and communication technology services to move from the education environment to a lifelong learning environment through the use of modern technology. The center also provides technical support in the field of scientific research and facilitates the administrative tasks of all institutions of the Southern Technical University as well as labor field companies 


The Computer Center provides reliable technical services in the field of information and communication technology to all institutions of the Southern Technical University and external parties (universities, organizations, companies), as the objectives of the center are going in parallel with the Iraqi development plan

:Center Divisions

  • Systems and Software Division
  • Computer and Network Maintenance Division
  • Website Division
  • Technical Training Division
  • Administrative Division

وIt is a division specialized in designing and developing electronic systems associated with databases on the web in addition to desktop programs and following up their work to ensure optimal utilization.

تThis division performs maintenance and modernization of computers to ensure the workflow without technical problems in addition to the maintenance of office equipment and the Internet and ensure their stability

These divisions are responsible for updating the academic achievements of the university and linking electronic systems to the website in addition to designing pages and interfaces

This division announces courses, organizes curricula, prints explanatory booklets, and then issues certificates for participants. The center’s training courses aim to add a great deal of skill in information technology to contribute to the development of the individual and society

 This section issues, follows up and archives official letters, follows up on the committees and files of the center’s employees and updates them on an ongoing basis, as well as follows up on incoming and outgoing mail and deals with official vacations for the center’s employees.

Computer Center Staff

NameCollage / institutesAcademic achievementType of employmentNots
Hayder Yaqoob YousifComputer CenterDRpermanent staff memberComputer Center Manager
Maysam Razaq SalihComputer CenterBachelor'spermanent staff memberHead Administrative Division
Walaa Amer ShawiComputer CenterBachelor'sPermanent staff memberHead Systems and Software Division
Abdulla Tawfiq FaiselComputer Centerdiplomapermanent staff memberHead Computer and Network Maintenance Division
Ahmed Nasser MajeedComputer CenterBachelor'sContract employee
Ali ReYad HusseinComputer CenterBachelor'sContract employee
Sara Abd Alkreem AhmedComputer CenterBachelor'sdaily- paid staff
Ahmed Rajab KazimComputer CenterBachelor'sdaily- paid staff
Abd alridaa Taher HussinComputer CenterBachelor'sdaily- paid staff
Suhaad Abass YasserTechnical College/ ShatraMasterspermanent staff memberComputer Unit Administrator
Ali Hassan Kamil Technical College/ Dhi QarMasterspermanent staff memberComputer Unit Administrator
Ahmed Qassim AbdulnabiAdministrative Technical College/BasraBachelor'sdaily- paid staff
Hassan Hmod HellalEngineering Technical College/ BasraMasterspermanent staff memberComputer Unit Administrator
Sara Muaaiad NajemEngineering Technical College/ BasraBachelor'sdaily- paid staff
Aiz Aldeen Sahey AlaweyEngineering Technical College/MaysanBachelor'spermanent staff memberComputer Unit Administrator
Ayman Arkan Yaqoob YousifTechnical Institute/BasraMastersdaily- paid staff
Wamid Kazem MutlakTechnical Institute /ShatraMasterspermanent staff memberComputer Unit Administrator
Narjes Kazem KadbanTechnical Institute/AmaraBachelor'spermanent staff memberComputer Unit Administrator
Abass Jakir kazemTechnical Institute/AmaraBachelor'spermanent staff memberComputer Unit Administrator
Kefaya Hasan Muhamed SalimTechnical Institute/AmaraBachelor'spermanent staff member
Abbas Fadel Abbas Hassan al-Azzawi Technical Institute/AmaraBachelor'sContract employee
Haider Ahmed Abdul MohsenTechnical Institute/QurnaMasterpermanent staff memberComputer Unit Administrator
Asmaa Hani AshourTechnical Institute/QurnaBachelor'sdaily- paid staff
Razzaq Javid Munkhi JabroukifTechnical Institute/NasiriyahBachelor'spermanent staff memberComputer Unit Administrator
Bayda Khayoun Abbas ObeidTechnical Institute/NasiriyahBachelor'spermanent staff member
Bashir Turki Abd AliTechnical Institute/NasiriyahBachelor'spermanent staff member
Ibtisam Mohammed Hussein YoussefTechnical Institute/Nasiriyahdiplomapermanent staff member
Nadia Safi Jawad JoudehTechnical Institute/Nasiriyahdiplomapermanent staff member
Khalil Ibrahim Jawad AzeebTechnical Institute/NasiriyahBachelor'spermanent staff member
Zikra Hamid Safar AliTechnical Institute/Nasiriyahdiplomapermanent staff member
Ahmed Salam Salman Health and Medical Technical College/BasraBachelor'spermanent staff memberComputer Unit Administrator
Qamar Shihabuddin AhmedHealth and Medical Technical College/BasraBachelor'sdaily- paid staff
Ali Hussein Mohammed AliHealth and Medical Technical College/BasraBachelor'sdaily- paid staff
Asaad Habib MajeedGraduate Studies DepartmentBachelor'spermanent staff memberComputer Unit Administrator

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