Studies and Planning Department

The Organizational Structure of Studies and Planning Department

قسم الدراسات والتخطيط عربي
About e Department:
The department is responsible for setting and following up on future plans and visions for the university, striving to advance the scientific specializations at the university, consolidating the scientific concepts of the planning process and making it an essential tool in order to push the wheel of development and scientific progress forward and push the university to keep pace with scientific development by representing its set of goals and mission within future plans. Hence, the importance of the planning process and the role it plays in the success of any institution in its work becomes clear, as the planning process leads the institution to work in a scientific, organized and thoughtful manner, in addition to providing the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and other state departments with various data and statistical information about all activities at the university. The department seeks to reach an integrated statistical system that meets all needs. As well as preparing studies for the establishment of colleges and scientific departments at the university and their formations, working to develop and approve the initial curricula and their systems, holding advanced training courses, and supervising the training programs prepared by the colleges and institutes affiliated with the university.
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