Department of Missions and Cultural Relations

About the department
It is one of the departments of the Southern Technical University and is concerned with all the university’s activities outside Iraq, including study activities or other scientific activities.
1. Follow-up cultural and scientific cooperation with regional and international organizations and universities to implement training courses outside Iraq and participate in conferences and all other scientific activities.
2. The procedures and requirements necessary for concluding memoranda of understanding between the university or one of its formations with Arab and foreign universities and regional and international organizations and following up on their implementation.
3. Teaching staff development program that includes sending them for a month outside Iraq.
4. Academic sabbatical program for teaching staff outside Iraq for research purposes.
5. Participation program with international universities for doctoral students and their supervisors.
6. Research scholarships program for postgraduate students and their supervisors .
7. The visiting professor program related to inviting Iraqi expatriate and foreign competencies as lecturers.
8. Everything related to participation and attendance at scientific conferences and delegations outside Iraq for all scientific activities.
9. Circular to all university formations and everything related to scientific activities outside Iraq and what is contained in the books of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research or other ministries for these activities.
10. Follow up on matters related to missions and study leave outside Iraq, as well as governmental and private fellowships, and all procedures that would facilitate the requirements for joining the nominated affiliates and follow them up until they complete their studies. As well as following up on all the consequences of their graduation, the equivalency and calculation of certificates, and so on.
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