Qualification and Employment

: Training centers
They are university centers that provide activities and training to support and assist students, alumni and the university staff, prepare employees for meaningful careers and promote successful careers, in addition to connecting employers with students and qualified alumni as potential employees.
The benefit of the Employment Services Center for the parties involved in its activities
Benefit for universities
Employment centers are a vital bridge between universities and the private and public sectors. Through successful employment and training programs for students, it works to build the reputation of the university, which increases the demand for students to study there. Successful employment centers build mutually beneficial relationships with the market, creating opportunities for industrial expansion.
Benefit for students and alumni
Employment centers provide opportunities to develop students in a professional manner. In addition, the possibility of communicating with potential employers, and in improving job-earning skills. These opportunities, contacts, and skills make the transition from an academic to a practical field more successful.
Benefit to employers
The Employment Service Centers are a point of contact for employers to connect with the university. Career centers assist employers in recruiting and hiring qualified students and graduates in advance, communicating with faculty members and building relationships for cooperation in innovation, research and development.
Benefits for the faculty staff
The Employment center builds an important relationship between industry and academic programs. This link can provide relevant observations with the current and future needs of the market and thus shape the systematic development of academic programs and research.
Benefit to the local community
Employment Service Centers work to prepare a qualified workforce to participate in the economic development of the country effectively.
Training Center Activities
  • Preparing the student to look for work.
  • Professional development.
  • Professional advice/guidance.
  • Building a relationship with the labor market.
Career Center Services:
    • Professional skills development
    • Experience learning and training opportunities
    • Keep the work of the boards
    • Hosting job fairs
    • Work status
    • Entrepreneurship training and development
    • Facilitating relationships with industry partners