Qualification and employment

  • Career Development Centers:

The Training centers are university facilities that offer programs and services to help and support students, graduates, and the university; they also connect employers with qualified students and graduates as possible hires and prepare staff for fulfilling careers.

The advantages of Career Development Centers’ services for those interested in its activities: :

  • Their benefits for academic institutions

Career Development Centers serve as an essential link between academia and the public and private sectors. It aims to enhance the university’s reputation through effective job and training programs for students, which raises their interest in attending. Effective job centers also establish relationships with the market that are mutually beneficial and open doors for the expansion of industrial relationships.

  • Their benefits for graduates and undergraduates

Career Development Centers offer chances for students to grow professionally, as well as the chance to network with possible employers and hone employability skills. These connections, chances, and abilities facilitate a more seamless transition from academic to practical settings.

  • Their benefits for employers

Employers can get in contact with the University through the Career Services Centers. Career centers work with employers to help them attract and hire qualified students and graduates ahead of time, connect with faculty, and create partnerships for joint innovation, research, and development projects.

  • Their benefit for the faculty of the Southern Technical University

The Centers create a vital link between business and academic programs, which benefits the teaching staff. By providing feedback relevant to both present and future market needs and thus shape a systematic development in academic programs and research.

  • Their benefit to the local community

These centers work to prepare a qualified workforce to participate effectively in the economic development of the country.

The activities of career development centers:

  • Preparing students for job search.
  • Professional development.
  • Provide career counseling/advice.
  • Building a relationship with the labor market.
  • Services provided by career development centers:
  • Professional Skills Development
  • Experiential learning and internship opportunities
  • preserving the councils’ work
  • Hosting job fairs
  • Work mode
  • Entrepreneurship training and development
  • Facilitating relationships with industry partners