Diwan Affairs Department

About the department
Diwan affairs department supervises and follows up on three divisions ,maintenance and services division ,mechanisms and transport division ,and communications division, Each of these divisions carries out its tasks by assigning the department to them. The Maintenance and Services Division follows up the work related to building maintenance in terms of electrical and water installations, maintenance of cooling devices, shed construction works , fuel supply for generators, as well as supervision and follow-up of maintenance works in the formations affiliated with the university and the Rehabilitation and backfilling previously unqualified lands . The Division of Mechanisms and Transport follows up on the mechanisms belonging to the university formations in terms of registering those mechanisms in the traffic directorates in order to replace their plates, as well as follow up the maintenance of these mechanisms and establish a database for them. The department forms committees to follow up on these matters. As for the Communications Division, it links the departments belonging to the university presidency with each other, in addition to linking the university presidency with the colleges located within the same geographical area through wireless communication. It includes technicians specialized in maintenance of phones and telephone lines distributed in the rooms of the university presidency and its departments.
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