President’s Speech

Chancellor Speech Prof.Dr. Adnan A. Ateeq
.In the Name of Allah ,The Most Beneficent , The Most Merciful
”And say work ,Allah will see your work , his messenger ,And the Believers”
Great Truth Of Allah

Yes.. We say yes, we will continue to work and work and we will keep stepping, we paint the roads, we color the paths of good for others, we search in our souls openly to find what comforts the conscience and eases the mind without hurting those for whom we hold respect and appreciation.  It is a difficult journey, but it is amazing what history will record for all of us in letters of light.  What a wonderful job, honest one!  You give us every day a lesson for creativity and brilliance, how hard you are, Honor, while you are persistent in respecting time and others!  Brothers, our path is difficult, do not be surprised that it is the truth in every sense of the word, our great homeland contemplates on us its bright future.  Our path is difficult, and it needs patience and effort so that we, God willing, will reach winners.  Our way does not accept the bet, either to be or not to be.  I invite you all to strengthen your resolve and energize, so that we may all succeed.Our doors are legitimate for the creators, we only close them in the face of the corrupt and the thieves, and you are innocent of them.  We need everyone’s effort, none of you are excluded.  I do not think that I will be a guard and  inspector, as you are the title of goodness, giving and great confidence, and you are the title of the table.  The relationship between the superior and the subordinate cannot succeed without the visions coincide, the conviction is achieved, and the experience matures, to be a lesson that we can benefit from in the short and long term.  Over the past period, it has been nothing but the fruit of the determination and determination of the benevolent who have put themselves in the forefront. Yes, all roads leading to truth and truth are difficult, but do not be discouraged by the path of truth for the few who walk it.