Construction and Projects Department

The organizational structure of the Construction and Projects Department

قسم الاعمار والمشاريع
About the department:
Construction and Projects Department is concerned with all engineering activities related to the campuses of the Southern Technical University and is linked to the Department of Construction and Projects in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The department works to organize the work of engineering departments and develop their staff within the university campus. The work is organized according to the engineering rules and the general contracting conditions, starting from the stage of determining the needs of each college or institute affiliated with the university, developing future plans for projects for the coming years, choosing the appropriate location for the project, in addition to paying attention to the infrastructure of these institutions to reach the best university environment commensurate with the development taking place in the scientific and engineering field. The work of this department mainly includes the investment plan projects (within the allocations of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research) in addition to following up on regional development projects (projects within the allocations of local governments in the governorates). The department undertakes many tasks:
1- Preparing engineering project plans and following up on the financial allocation for those projects within the investment plan projects.
2- Supervising and following up on the progress of work in projects under implementation (investment plan projects / regional development projects)
3- Auditing and following up on project completion rates
4-Preparing monthly follow-up reports on the progress of work on projects under implementation
5- Conducting field visits to projects affiliated with university formations
6-Preparing tables of quantities and plans for some engineering projects
7- Checking the tables of quantities and plans sent by the university’s formations before approving them in the engineering project plans.