Department of Control and Internal Audit

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The Department of Control and Internal Auditing is one of the departments of the Southern Technical University and is administratively linked to the President of the University, which depends on scientific and objective formulas in the field of control and internal auditing, To reach the ultimate goal, which is to preserve public money . As the activity of audit and internal control extends to the level of the university, its colleges, institutes and all units supporting it. The functions of the Internal Audit and Control Department are summarized in the comprehensive auditing and examination of all aspects of the university’s activity (financial, administrative and technical), studying the periodic reports of the activity of the sub-departments, comparing them with the drawn plans, and verifying the levels of implementation of the specified goals. Checking the exchange, receipt and entry documents according to the program prepared for the department and not accepting the exchange for any amount that does not meet the exchange conditions specified in the laws, regulations and instructions in force, and taking into account the commitment to the procedures approved in the unified accounting system and the decentralized accounting system, Testing the registration and posting operations in the main accounting records, assisting and verifying the correctness of the accounting, financial and statistical data extracted from it, contributing and supervising all inventory operations of fixed, shameful and cash assets during the year and at the end of the year, And follow up the procedures for liquidating the suspended balances in the records, follow up the work of the committees formed in the university, verify the performance of their duties properly and without delay, check the final statements of the university and follow up on the completion of its preparation requirements, And follow-up the procedures of the departments and sections in connection with the processing of the observations contained in the reports of the Office of Financial Supervision, and periodically reviewing and examining the procedures and requirements of the approved internal control systems. In light of the developments with the aim of developing these systems and contributing to the preparation of the systems and studies required by the administration and other bodies, Preparing periodic reports that include the results of the work of the Internal Control Department and submitting them to the higher management directly, following up on the real committees and lawsuits, and urging their completion as soon as possible.
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