vision,mission and goals

Vision & Mission

Global leadership and creativity in building the society knowledge that supports the freedom of thought and the advanced scientific research.

Providing distinctive education and producing suitable applied scientific research that serve the community and contribute to an active contribution in building the country, through the provision of educational and research environment which are conducive to creativity, the optimum use of modern technology, and building local and international actors’ partnership.

Strategic Goals:

Based on our strong love to our country and from our loyalty to our innocent martyrs with ensuring a better future for our generations, we are seeking to achieve the following goals:

  • Mastery in all fields of science and research, and excellence in specific areas in accordance with the needs of the community to keep abreast of local and global development.
  • Choose the qualified and distinguished faculty members and work to increase the number of postgraduate certificates between them.
  • Quality rather than quantity towards scientific excellence, creativity and pioneering scientific research in the community.
  • Enhance students’ abilities and support them during their studies and after graduation.
  • Building bridges of communication between the university and the community to activate the mechanism of cooperation, the consultation offices, and the production activities.
  • Create a supportive learning environment for knowledge and innovation and working to pursue their development.
  • Ensure long-term sustainable future for the community service and scientific excellence.
  • Flexibility and accountability in the work to increase the resources performance and ensure continuous improvement among all academic activities.
  • Build a strong administrative organization that support work freedom and flexibility without complicated procedures to ensure a straight workflow with minimal effort, time and cost.
  • Support the state institutions in the areas of human training and development.
  • Leadership in quality applications to disseminate its culture in the community.

Core Values

Proceeding from our nobility and the history of our civilization and our culture glue, we believe in the following values:
1. Quality and excellence:
Measure the performance of the university through the application of modern systems of quality control and the use of high-level scientific standards respects the creative energies and the pursuit of excellence through our commitment to the latest scientific and technical intellectual standards in education and scientific innovation.
2. Leadership and Teamwork:
University is firmly committed to the promotion of individual and institutional leadership roles that drive social development with our deep belief in professionalism, responsibility, creativity, and teamwork.
3. Academic Freedom:
Academic freedom in scientific research disciplined and sincere is the essence of our academic traditions in all aspects of scientific research and academic activities.
4. Justice and Integrity:
The University is committed to the principles of social justice and equal opportunities among its all faculty members and staff at the highest levels of integrity; and it respects professional ethics to ensure justice and fairness in its community.
5. Transparency and Accountability:
The University is firmly committed to introduce its scientific and intellectual productions to the stakeholders and society in order to measure the levels of both its contributions in local and global scientific knowledge and its responses to the needs of the labour market. All staff, faculty members, and the university community are also committed to respect the strategic goals and seek to achieve them.
6. Continuing Education:
The University is committed to support teaching and technical training staff by providing them continuing education for the purpose of ensuring the quality of education in the all technical colleges and institutes.
7. Reward Excellence:
The university respects the distinct energies between its faculty members, staff, and students. Also it preserves their rights and their distinctiveness through honouring them and make them role models for their colleagues in order to activate the principle of fair competition in the labour and creativity in their field of specialization.