Administrative Assistant Office

Dr.Mahamood Salim thamer
Assistant University President for Administrative Affairs

The organizational structure of the departments affiliated with the president administrative assistant

مساعد رئيس الجامعة للشؤون الادارية

Tasks and duties:
Teaching according to a quorum.
Developing, organizing and planning the workforce and employees’ affairs, supervising rehabilitation programs, developing the competence of workers, taking care of their rights, and ensuring the proper working of the university.
Assisting the university’s senior leadership in formulating goals, drawing up the strategic plan and general policies, and making central decisions that concern the university as a whole.
Supervising the implementation of plans, programs and policies established for departments, divisions and units and ensuring the safety and accuracy of implementation and adherence to them.
Providing suggestions for developing the administrative and structural organization of the university as a whole, transforming general goals and plans into sub-goals and activities, and implementing quality management.
Supervising the preparation of schedules and data for jobs, determining staffing and vacancies annually in coordination with the Administrative Affairs Department, updating the human resources plan, and obtaining proper approvals from the Ministry.
Studying the training needs of employees and nominating them for courses to develop their capabilities and job skills and providing the necessary qualification and training opportunities.
Follow up on daily work and solve work problems in order to improve it.