Southern Technical University Council

About the University Council

The Council of the Southern Technical University consists of the President of the University, his assistants, and the deans of the colleges and institutes affiliated with the University, in addition to the Director of the Petroleum Training Institute, the representative of the teaching staff, and the Director of the University Secretariat Department, as Rapporteur of the Council. The Council meets periodically, once a month or whenever necessary, to consider the issues included in the agenda in order to make the necessary decisions and recommendations. The topics included in the agenda are referred by the councils of the university’s colleges and institutes.

The Council also hosts, when needed, directors of some departments at the university and official figures from outside the university, depending on the topics being discussed. The final meetings’ minutes are sent to the Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for approval, and then the necessary official letters are issued to act accordingly.

Southern Technical University Council
Prof. Dr. Adnan A. Ateeq President of STU President
Prof. Dr. Alaa Farid Abdul-Ahad Assistant University President for Scientific Affairs Member
Prof. Dr. Mahmood Salim Thamer The Vice President for Administrative Affairs Member
Prof. Dr. Majid Abdulwahab Matooq Dean of Basra Health & Medical Technical College Member
Assist. Prot. Dr. Jabir H. Ali Dean of Basra Management Technical College Member
Assist. Prof. Dr. Yahya A. Abbas Dean of Nasirya Technical Institute Member
Assist. Prof. Dr. Maki H. Ali Dean Basra Technical Institute Member
Assist. Prof. Dr. Baker T. Ateah Dean of Thi-Qar  Technical College Member
Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohammed S. Abed-Ali Dean of Amara Technical  Institute Member
Assist. Prof. Dr. Alaa K. Jasim Dean of Qurna Technical Institute Member
Mr. Ali R. Faiyad Head of Basra oil training Member
Assist. Prof. Dr. Amjed A. Ali Representative of teaching Member