About the University

About the University

The Southern Technical University  was established in  middle of August in 2014 and  it linked to the Ministry  of Higher Education and Scientific Research ,The headquarters of the university in the province of Basra, where this development  comes based on  technical scientific  expansion requirements in south of Iraq to be an important addition ,To  Its counterparts  from technical and academic universities Scattered in the land of our dear country , The university included in the beginning of its establish the following colleges and institutes:

Basra Engineering Technical College
Basra Administrative Technical College
Basra Health and Medical Technical College
Basra Technical Institute
Nasiriyah Technical Institute
Shatra Technical Institute
Amara Technical Institute
Qurna Technical Institute

Then the university expanded in response to the requirements of the labor market and the urgent need Our dear southern provinces enrich the scientific and technical area  with cadres technical and engineering, including the opening of the College of Graduate Studies, to be truly an important  addition, for university students to fulfill their desire to complete their higher studies. and on The same line opened in Dhi Qar province , the Technical College in its two branches Electromechanics  as well as accounting techniques and then opened Technical College of Maysan, with its branches: Electromechanical and Building Engineering and Construction. Shatra Technical  College opened , with its two branches, Medical Laboratory Techniques, Tissue culture techniques and medicinal plants. Nevertheless, the university It is continuing to submit its students to the labor market, whether it is governmental or private sector, by qualifying them scientifically and technically to be able to meet those needs and enhance their scientific standing.

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The Address/ Basra- Zubair main road- In front of the Sport City