University President’s Office

University President
Prof.Dr. Adnan A. Ateeq

Tasks and Duties   :

  1. The presidency of the university council and the first responsible for its scientific and administrative leadership.
  2. Nomination deans of colleges and appointment heads of departments.
  3. Make plans and programs to develop the university scientifically and administratively and follow up its implementation.
  4. Managing movable and immovable funds in accordance with applicable laws, systems and instructions.
  5. Appointment or reappointment of staff and faculty members.
  6. Promote a university service employee in accordance with the law.
  7. Transferring the services of staff and faculty members between universities.
  8. Granting regular vacations to his assistants, deans and employees inside and outside Iraq in accordance with the law.
  9. Organizing training courses, workshops and seminars.
  10. Approval of delegations Inside Iraq for the university center’s employees according to the law.
  11. Transferring students between universities.
  12. Work to provide the appropriate human capabilities.
  13. Monitoring the progress of the educational process and submitting periodic reports to the Ministry.
  14. Determining study dates, holidays and exams for colleges and institutes in coordination with the Ministry.
  15. Follow up the progress of university studies, including accepting students, studying their problems and developing solutions to them.
  16. Supervising all the affairs of teaching members from appointment, scientific promotions and dispatching abroad through the University Council.
  17. communication with civil society events.
  18. Issuing reports and media bulletins about the university’s activities.
  19. Officially representing the university in local and international forums.
  20. Assigning some deans and assistants some tasks when needed.
  21. Follow up the construction projects and equipment.
  22. Supervising on preparation of the university budget and taking the financial responsibility.
  23. Follow up cooperation agreements with other universities, research centers and organizations.
  24. Examining and approving in the summary of college council meetings.
  25. Approval of scientific sabbatical for teachers inside and outside the country in accordance with the University Service Law.
  26. Approval of the third extension for postgraduate students on the proposal from the President of the University.
  27. Follow up the progress of studies and scientific research at the university.
  28. Granting fellowships (in accordance with the bilateral agreements held with the university) and study leave for the employees to complete their studies inside and outside the country.
  29. proposal to open colleges and scientific departments to the University Council and cancel it after a recommendation from the colleges councils.
  30. Approval of the report of the central scientific promotion committees and the committees of authorship, consolidation and translation.
  1. Signing mural certificates for graduating students.
  2. Issuing university orders for the graduation of undergraduate and graduate studies students.
  3. Issuing university orders for scientific promotions for university teachers after approval by the competent authorities.
  4. Concluding cultural agreements with various universities and scientific institutions in other countries after approval the University Council, the Ministry and other competent authorities when necessary.
  5. Approval of the second extension for postgraduate students on the recommendation of the College Council.
  6. overture the various state departments (except for the offices of the ministers) in all matters relating to the university.
  7. Approval of the secondment of teachers services inside and outside the country in accordance with the University Service Law.
  8. Approval of the dispatch of teachers staff outside the country according to the regulations set by the University Council.
  9. Referring technical and administrative employees to retirement when they reach the legal age in accordance with the Civil Service Law.
  10. Referring the topics that outside his authority to the University Council for decision.
  11. Assigning some employees in university to the tasks that required by the university’s work in accordance with the applicable Civil Service and University Service Law.
  12. Appointing heads of the departments at the university and its formations upon the recommendation of the dean of the college or institute, appointing and exempting  them, with the exception of the directors of internal departments (and in coordination with the Scientific  Supervision and Evaluation Authority).
  13. Accepting or rejecting the resignation of university teachers .
  14. Recommending to the University Council the appointment of deans of colleges and institutes affiliated to the university.
  15. Sending books of thanks and appreciation to the university employees as a reward for their excellent work.
  16. Punishing the negligent with one of the appropriate penalties for the employees and technicians after it has been proven that what requires that penalty legally, with the exception of the penalty of separation and seclusion.
  17. Annulment the penalties that imposed on employees after its expiry in accordance with the law.
  18. Recommending to the University Council regarding the annulment of penalties imposed on teachers after its expiry in accordance with the law.
  19. Granting the university employees and its formations a regular vacation for three months with full salary in accordance with the law.
  20. Approval of spending on all budget paragraphs of the university and its formations in accordance with the instructions for implementing the budget, and not exceeding (100000000) one hundred million dinars.
  21. Approval of disbursement within the investment plan projects in accordance with the stipulations of the contracts signed with the university according to the stages of implementation and after a recommendation from the engineering department, with a maximum of two billion dinars.(as a condition that the limits of this authority are reviewed periodically).
  22. Granting the incentive rewards cash and moral ,and not exceeding one hundred thousand dinars for each case.
  23. Proposing the university’s budget and submitting it to the Ministry after approval by the University Council.
  24. Approval of the referral of the various undertakings and contracts that related to the activities and projects of the university.
  25. Approval of the purchase and import of materials, equipment and devices that necessary to facilitate the work of the university and its colleges.
  26. Granting cash rewards to non-university employees for providing the services in accomplishing the work and achieving the university’s goals, with no more than fifty thousand dinars(50000) for each case.
  27. dedicating moral materials and not exceeding fifty thousand dinars(50000) for each case and when necessary.
  28. Approval to write off the university materials, in(1) one million dinars for each case.

Responsible of Secret Pen Division  
Tasks and Duties :

  • Coordination the appointments of university president.
  • Organizing work of the office and arranging structure of the work.
  • Organizing the entry of other classes who have deliberations with the President of the University.
  • Inform the deans of meetings dates.
  • Checking incoming and outgoing mail from the university president.
  • Organizing the interviews for teachers and employees.

Responsible of Secret Pen 
Tasks and Duties :

  • Indexing and archiving of all official correspondences issued or received by the president’s office.
  • Printing all official books for the university president office.
  • Follow-up and distribution of mail that in university president office .
  • Distribution of office mail within the departments and divisions that affiliated to the office.
  • Maintain on confidentiality of information and pledge not to disclose it, otherwise it will be subject to legal issue.
  • achievement all assignments received from the university president.