Auction announcement/Presidency of the Southern Technical University_Government contracts Division

The Southern Technical University announces the first public auction for leasing the sites detailed below in accordance with the provisions of the State Property Sale and Lease Law No. (21) of 2013 as amended, and the specific conditions of the auction for each site, which are considered an integral part of the contract. Those wishing to participate in the auction should visit the Government Contracts Division at the Southern Technical University Presidency to review the auction conditions and bring a non-conviction certificate at least (20) days before the auction date. The auction will take place at 10:00 AM on the thirtieth day following the publication of the announcement on the listed sites, or on the next day in case of an official holiday on the auction date. Participants must bring the legal guarantees stipulated in the auction conditions. The successful bidder will bear the cost of publishing the announcement, as well as other legal fees and expenses.

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 The total hall area is (1800) m2 The field area is (42*22) m2


Sports hall / Technical Institute _ Omarah  
2  The hall area is (25*45) m2 wide and 13 m Sports hall / Technical Institute _ Nasiria    
3  A plot of land (10*10) m2

Monument of the Telecommunications Company Tower, Technical Institute Architecture