A teacher at the Technical Institute / Qurna obtains a doctorate from the Czech Republic

Lecturer Abdul Ghafoor Abdul Ghafar Abdul Hamid, lecturer in the Department of Electrical Technology, obtained a PhD from the University of West Bohemia in the Czech Republic, specializing in Electrical Engineering – Communications, in his thesis entitled (Design and Modeling of Compact Electromagnetic Sensors for EMC Applications).

Mr. Abdul Ghafoor Abdul Ghafoor Abdul Hamid completed his studies at an exceptional level and without an extension.

This was stated in the text of the message from the University of West Bohemia, which stated:

The above-mentioned gentleman was awarded a PhD with a mark of 7 out of 7 in the final evaluation of the doctoral thesis, equivalent to an excellent rating, and he completed his studies at an exceptional level and without an extension of the normal study period.

Thank you for sending such distinguished students to study at our university.

The Deanship of the Technical Institute/Al-Qurna, represented by the Dean, Assistant Professor Dr. Hussein Abdullah Lafta, and the Institute’s members congratulate Mr. Abdul Ghafoor Abdul Ghaffar Abdul Hamid on the occasion of obtaining his doctorate degree, which is considered a qualitative addition to the Department of Electrical Technology at our Institute, wishing him permanent success and more giving in the service of our beloved Iraq… Congratulations