With the support of the United Nations Development Program, the Women’s Empowerment Department in the Basra Governorate Office organizes an open UNDP dialogue with the participation of the University of Oil and Gas and the Presidency of the Southern Technical University

The presidency of the Southern Technical University and Basra University of Oil and Gas, as well as the Department of Family and Child Protection in the Basra Governorate Diwan, participated in an open dialogue within the campaign against gender-based violence.

Funded by the European Union under the framework of Iraq’s recovery and stability through local development and in coordination with the Women’s Empowerment Department in the province.


The dialogue session included a variety of groups of young men and women, activists from civil society, as well as a representative from the provincial police command

The session included various and important proposals for the experiences of young people and presenting the challenges and gaps that exist in society for the purpose of addressing them. The session came out with recommendations that will be submitted to the local government.