Admission and registration requirements

Admission and registration requirements

General principles of admission:

Apply for the electronic form through the electronic portal of the Department of Studies, Planning and Follow-up
The student in the biological or applied branch must fill out 50 choices in the electronic form, provided that the number of institutes is not less than 10
The student is accepted according to the choices made in the application form through the electronic portal of the Department of Studies, Planning and Follow-up, and on the basis of competition in the total
For admission differentiation purposes:

A- (8%) of the added foreign language score is calculated and added to the student’s total score.

B- An additional grade is calculated on the average for first round graduates (except for students covered by the attempts system)

The student’s submission of the admission form does not bind him/her to be admitted according to his/her final choices, as his/her admission depends on his/her competition with the rest of the students according to the established principles
The principle of differentiation classes is not applied except in the case of competition for the last seats in the approved admission plan.


Registration requirements:

The student must read the instructions before registering and then attend in person with the required registration documents: –
The original preparatory document certified by the education department with three copies and keep the receipt receipt.
Graduation document with grades for the top 10% graduates of the institutes (first round) original with three coloured copies.
Medical examination form.
Iraqi Nationality Certificate and Civil Status ID or Unified Identity Card original with two photocopies.
Housing card or housing confirmation with two coloured copies.
The father’s civil status ID or citizenship certificate with a coloured copy.
Solidarity sponsorship (requires the presence of a guarantor sponsor for the accepted student, either a continuous employee who brings a confirmation of his continued attendance from his department or a retiree who brings a retirement ID with a colour copy of it, and provincial students can conduct the sponsorship in their governorate in any legal department and student affairs division of government universities and institutes).
Personal documents are saved on a disc and delivered with the file for the purpose of archiving data.

Student Affairs Procedures Guide, Admission Regulations and Conditions for the Year