On the anniversary of the founding of the Southern Technical University

Years of giving and distinction … Southern Technical University extinguishes its sixth candle

Mr. President of the University: The university encouraged researchers in the belief that there is no distinguished university without distinguished research professors.

The report was prepared / Department of Media and Relations – University Presidency

We have the right to be proud of our sons and those who followed its founding and worked to be in the first ranks in creativity, excellence and giving, we have the right to be proud of this scientific and academic achievement with all its scientific and human values. The state sought to be of great importance in consolidating higher education and building knowledge awareness Excellence and creating important partnerships with the labor market in order to achieve its vision of global leadership and creativity in building a society of science and knowledge that supports freedom of sound thought and advanced scientific research. And because its mission is to provide distinguished and produce scientific research that serves the community and contributes effectively to building the country by providing an educational and research environment that stimulates creativity and the optimal use of modern technology, so our pride in our young university is an embodiment of the values ​​we inherited and learned from it the lessons of self-confidence. We come to you today with this very brief media report, which sheds light on the sixth anniversary of the founding of the Southern Technical University, which was established in August 2014 with an apology to everyone that we cannot shed light on all the university’s achievements and what has been achieved, but we will refer to some of them and leave the date in order to perpetuate the immersed achievement It is evident from it, with our recording of great pride and appreciation for everyone who contributed to the achievement of what has been accomplished, starting with the first president of the university, the well-mentioned Professor Dr. Muzaffar Sadiq Al-Zuhairi, who laid the foundations for many of the planning, construction and work that deserves praise, through the assistants, including Prof. Dr. Rifaat Muhammad Al-Sangri, who held the position of Assistant President for Administrative Affairs before he was referred to retirement, and Professor Dr. Abdul Wahab Abdul Razzaq Sultan, Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs, who left the position after suffering from pain.

The university, through what it believes in from the energies of its professors, its affiliates and students, has immediately begun to line its goals, which showed in its first lines that the dear love and loyalty of Iraq to it, the university aspires to:

Proficiency in all scientific and research fields.

Enhancing the capabilities of graduates and supporting them after graduation.

Building bridges of communication between the university and the community and embodying the concept of a productive university.

Create an educational environment supportive of knowledge and innovation.

Flexibility and accountability at work to raise the level of performance and continuous improvement of all events.

Supporting state institutions in the areas of training, development and capacity building.

Leadership in quality and its applications and working to spread its culture in society.

Despite the political and health conditions that the country went through, starting from the end of 2019 and then in 2020, the insistence of professors, technicians, and administrators at various levels had a great impact on everyone’s endeavor to translate the university’s values, on which it was founded, into an educational program that contributed In creating a work environment represented in participating with other state departments in addressing the global epidemic – Covid 19 – the university formations spread over the area of ​​southern Iraq worked with various activities, including the production of sterilizers and disinfectants in large quantities and distributed as well as the production and manufacture of protective gates as well as the maintenance and repair of many devices Medical Department of Health Departments operating in the governorates of Basra, Dhi Qar and Maysan, and these initiatives were commendable.

The President of the University, Prof. Dr. Rabih Hashim Al-Abbasi, and in the exhibition of his speech at the opening of the Fifth International Conference on Advanced Engineering, which was carried out via cyberspace, he explained ((The university has, since its first establishment in August 2014, promoted the scientific level among its priorities and expanded a lot in this field, through active participation To its professors in various scientific activities and at all levels, as it encouraged researchers from among them, in the belief that there is no distinguished university without distinguished research professors.)) Therefore, the university has recorded over the past years a wide interest in the appreciation of science and scientists through the establishment of five scientific conferences and for various Specializations, as well as its interest in cultural, artistic and creative aspects, and this was evident in the numerous participations in the artistic and sports festivals held by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, as the university won advanced positions in these activities.

Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs and the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies Assistant Professor Dr. Alaa Farid Abdel Ahad stressed on the anniversary of the founding of the university ((((()) that the human structure and community awareness cannot rise without there being scientific universities aware of their role in human development and development as well as that awareness It cannot grow without educational institutions that are aware of their role in society)).

The university has sought in the field of community service, with active and fundamental participation, to train many graduate and non-graduate students within the Continuing Education Center, which has become a bright sign in the university sky, with the capabilities of less than what another center holds at the university level.

Assistant President of the University for Administrative Affairs, Assistant Professor Dr. Mahmoud Salem explained that ((The university today has developed remarkably and accompanied its colleagues from other universities and at various levels, starting from building the capabilities of its affiliates through what has been achieved by the scientific achievement of the teaching and training cadres)).

And because the university believes deeply in the environment and quality assurance, it has worked for many years to ensure that the university and all its configurations apply the highest quality standards by affirming that these standards are the main pillar in the progress of universities.

The Dean of the Technical Institute of Architecture, Assistant Professor Dr. Muhammad Salih Abd Ali said ((On the anniversary of the founding of the Southern Technical University, I congratulate and congratulate everyone on this memory that represents the march of Ben