The conclusion of the activities of the Fifth International Scientific Conference

University President: He confirms that the university will always have its doors open for the exchange of experiences and skills.

The Southern Technical University concluded the activities of the Fifth International Scientific Conference for Advanced Engineering Technologies at the Technical College of Engineering in Basra under the slogan (Multiple Success and Continuous Tender) with international and local participation and under the auspices of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the supervision of the President of the Southern Technical University.

The conference aims to harness the scientific, technical and engineering research capabilities to serve the community, and the sustainability of scientific progress and prosperity in the country by attracting creative researchers in the various fields of engineering, as well as exchanging ideas and scientific experiences in the various fields of technical engineering and providing opportunities for professors, researchers and graduate students to see the latest results New and increasing their scientific knowledge.

The President of the Southern Technical University, Prof. Dr. Rabei Hashem Al-Abbasi, said in the closing speech of the conference, appreciating the role of the participants by saying that I can only express to you my sincere thanks and appreciation for your active participation and your sincere contributions in enriching its sessions with the scientific research that you have provided deserving of praise, and I also thank the preparatory and scientific committees for the conference and all Who contributed to its success.

Al-Abbasi added that, in the shadow of these exceptional health conditions, we are looking forward, through you, to investing the elites of scientific competencies and enhancing them with the requirements of scientific research. We promise you that the university will always have its doors open for the exchange of experiences and skills.

The head of the scientific committee, the scientific assistant to the president of the university, Dr. Alaa Farid Abd al-Ahad, together with Dr. Alaa Al-Saffar, presented the recommendations of the conference in advance of his thanks and appreciation to the preparatory committee, the supporting committees, the chairpersons of the sessions and the participating researchers.

As part of the recommendations included benefiting from the lessons of the financial crisis resulting from the drop in global oil prices and the Corona pandemic, and calling on the Iraqi government to adopt investment policies that support education and various research capacities and work to encourage investment in education and scientific research.

Developing academic curricula in order to keep pace with the rapid developments in technical sciences and in line with e-learning, market needs and the skills required of the graduate

Encouraging researchers to establish joint research groups and open prospects for cooperation with foreign companies.

Directing engineering research in the field of controlling environmental pollutants and oil pollutants
And by using environmentally friendly methods.

It is necessary to enter the techniques of manufacturing nanoparticles because of their impact in the petrochemical industries and various engineering applications.

Paying attention to research that deals with water management, water desalination and purification in Iraq, by making use of Gulf waters, due to the scarcity of water received from neighboring countries.

Focusing on applied research that is concerned with finding solutions to the problems that industrial and oil institutions suffer from, and in coordination between the Ministry of Higher Education and other ministries to facilitate the tasks of researchers.

It is noteworthy that 51 scientific papers from various international and domestic universities participated in the conference.