The formations of the Southern Technical University continue to hold Ramadan evenings, cultural seminars, and Quranic dhikr sessions in the month of goodness and giving.

The formations of the Southern Technical University continued to hold Ramadan gatherings, cultural seminars, and Quranic recitation sessions during the month of goodness and giving. The Technical Institute in Al-Shatrah organized a Ramadan religious competition for its members, as part of the third day’s agenda of the Holy Quran Week activities hosted by the institute under the slogan “Ramadan, the spring of our hearts.” Additionally, the institute organized an educational religious lecture on the educational and ethical implications of fasting in Ramadan.

“From its side, Basra Technical Engineering College hosted an iftar banquet for dormitory students in collaboration with the University Ambience team, along with a religious intellectual seminar titled ‘Ramadan Reflections: Between Worship and Knowledge.’ In a related initiative, students from Shatt al-Arab Technical College launched a volunteer campaign to distribute food baskets to needy families in Shatt al-Arab district, reaching out to many of those families. Additionally, cultural activities at the Southern Cultural Center within the university included Quranic sessions and religious lectures in the dormitories.”