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About the center
The Continuing Education Center is one of the vital centers that meets the needs of the teaching, technical and service cadres at the university of training courses that develop their performance according to modern scientific and technological progress. As it contributes to studying the needs of the skills required to ensure the quality of performance in the teaching and service process, and measuring the extent to which cadres need of specialized and technical courses that support the wheel of development. The Department of Continuing Education also provides qualifying courses for students during their primary and higher studies to provide them with scientific research skills, increase their experience in the field of entrepreneurship, and refine their talents to make them qualified to compete in the labor market. The department also works in cooperation with all state departments and the private sector to know the needs of the work field from the skills expected in the graduate student, which helps in compiling data that helps decision-makers to update the curricula of primary and higher studies. The university’s geographical location, demography and nature as a polytechnic university made it the focus of attention of stakeholders because it contains rare specializations and scientific energy that can be invested in the development of human resources in the service, production, and craft sectors. In short, the Continuing Education Center is the supporting department for human resources to be prepared to suit the level of modernity and development witnessed by the world in various fields of life. One of the university’s core values is community service and its vision to be effective in the community and its members. Therefore, the university, through the Continuing Education Center, seeks to reflect this image on the ground by providing training services to all members of society and focusing on skill.
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