Southern Technical University opens the activities of Global Entrepreneurship Week amid various activities among its formations

The President of the Southern Technical University, Professor Dr. Rabiee Hashim Al-Abbasi, at the Technical College of Engineering, Basra, opened the activities of the International Entrepreneurship Week amid various activities among its formations. The Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs explained in his opening speech that the goal of the International Entrepreneurship Week is to encourage university teachers and students to present their pioneering projects. In the labor market and transforming creative ideas into products that meet the needs of society and contribute to the national economy, pointing out the importance of introducing emerging youth to entrepreneurship as well as providing a fertile environment for communication between entrepreneurs through the exchange of knowledge and various experiences. The university’s formations witnessed the establishment of many scientific activities, workshops, and discussion panels whose content focused on harmonizing the university’s outputs with the labor market, presenting ideas and proposals to young people, and supporting them by adopting their entrepreneurial ideas.