The Technical Institute of Shatra within the Southern Technical University organizes a seminar on the law of integrity and graft

The Shatra technical institute, within the Southern Technical University, organized a seminar on the integrity and Graft Law No. 30 of 2019, and the seminar attended by legal consultant Ali Hussein Jaber included an introduction to the integrity commission law and the judicial follow-up mechanism for financial accounts and owners of illegally acquired capital. In addition to introducing corruption issues and the investigative procedures of the authority, and the recovery Department according to the articles and and the article ١٧ the seminar aims to train employees and develop the efficiency of their performance in combating and reducing corruption. For his part, the dean of the Institute, Prof. Dr. Mowafaq Abdul Aziz Al-Hasnawi, said that these seminars come within the program and the scientific plan that the institute is working on to raise community awareness to reduce the phenomenon of corruption, pointing out that the Institute’s scientific plan includes many seminars and workshops for various disciplines.