Hot Mail

Please send an email to the hot mail of your college/institute about the obstacles and problems in the educational process and electronic exams that you may face. Work will be done quickly to find out the causes and solve them in order to prevent the occurrence of what affects the solidification of the educational and examination process. We wish everyone prosperity and success.
Email admin Email College/institute Name
Dr. Alaa Farid Abdul Ahad, the scientific assistant
Presidency University
Mr. Haider Dawood Abood
Basra Engineering Technical College
Mr. Zaid Alaa Hussein
Basra Management Technical College
Mr. Abdul Karim Mohammed Jawad
Health and Medical Technical College
Mr. Ali Adham Abdullah
Thi Qar Technical College
Mr. Waleed Khalaf Jabbar
Maysan Engineering Technical College
Mr. Ali Salem Hussein
Shatrah Technical College
Mr. Abdel Nasser Abdul Jabbar Abood
Basra Technical Institute
Mr. Muwaffaq Abdul Aziz Salif
Nasiriyah Technical Institute
Mr. Adnan Alwan Maktouf
Shatrah Technical Institute
Mrs. Suhad Jassim wallpaper
Amara Technical Institute
Mr. Haider Khalil Ibrahim
Qurna Technical Institute